Quick impressions of MLB 2k7 for the PS3

Well, I got my hands on MLB 2K7, since the old standard and lovable EA MVP series is dead.

My first impression? Pretty good. It’s not full of eye candy (the best looking games I’ve played for the PS3 so far have been NBA 2K7 and Resistance: Fall of Man), but there’s enough there to tell it’s a next-gen game. And, of course, it’s in high def (720p, I believe, I don’t think it’s 1080p, but that really doesn’t make much of a difference, as I’ve been ranting about).

Aside from that, the gameplay is pretty darn good and — a lot of people will like this — a hell of a lot like the olMVP play. You won’t have a hard time adjusting to pitching. Hitting is set by default to SIXAXIS control — thrust the controller forward to hit, at an angle to hit up or down. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get really annoyed at the SIXAXIS style very quickly and you’ll switch the game over to the MVP-style control — swing with the X button and direct your hit by using the left analog stick. You can also go into “swing stick” mode, which gives you a bit more control and uses the right analog stick to swing — a little bit touchy, but more reliable than the SIXAXIS mode (is SIXAXIS ever going to amount to anything interesting? Give us rumble back, Sony!).

You can, of course, download an online roster, the latest of which is supposed to be as of 2/16/07 — but it ain’t. So, fellow Red Sox fans, I hate to break the news — Dice K isn’t in there yet. I imagine he’ll pop up on the next roster update. Truly annoying for Sox fans, though.

There’s a great deal of depth the management of the game, better even than the MVP series. You can use InDepth to purchase scouting reports on your own team, or opposing pitchers, and whatnot. And it helps, it really does. You can call up and send down teammates, although I am not entirely sure there is any way to play minor league games yet (don’t yell at me if there is, I just haven’t had time to muck around enough).

Oh, and if Dice K really is in the new roster and I’m missing him, somehow — would somebody please tell me? 🙂

Overall, a solid game. Promises a lot of fun. Includes a season mode as well as a franchise mode. On a scale of one to ten — Graphics: 6, Gameplay: 8, Learning Curve: 10, Pure Fun: 8.

Overall: 7-8.

Rent it first if you’re unsure about wanting a baseball game, or if you’re really interested in what Sony’s MLB: The Show will be like. But since I don’t trust SCEA sports games, and my most replayed games are all sports ones, I’m sticking with my decision to purchase MLB 2k7.

Finally, just so you know, voice-wise, Jon Miller does the play-by-play while Joe Morgan is the color guy. Now, I’m not a huge fan of either of them, especially Morgan, but they do a pretty nice job on the chatter in MLB 2k7.

Happy gaming!

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