Push technology

You know how Amazon recommends stuff for you based on what you buy? TiVo recommends shows? And so on? They do it using what’s called “push” technology, which doesn’t always pay off, but sometimes does.

For the moment, I’m entranced with http://www.ratingzone.com/, a free site I found that does push technology for a lot of different things. I was interested in playing with TV shows. After having to flip through about ten screens containing maybe three shows that I actually watched (nah, I ended up with 18 when I ended the first part) it began generating recommendations for me. And they’re not bad. You keep rating the recommendations and it recommends more and more at different rating levels…you get the idea.

But it’s actually starting to figure me out a little bit, I have to say. I didn’t have much faith in a free service. I will warn you that they demand your email at one point after saying they won’t, which will, of course, somewhere down the line end up in you receiving spam about enlarging your penis (you know it). So I’m not “recommending” it myself, but it’s fun to play with, if anyone wants to try it out.

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