Pitching in MLB ’08: The Show

I’m just going to post the basic instructions for pitching in MLB ’08 here because the manual actually does not tell you how to pitch.

Anyway, it’s simple. Choose a pitch. You can see its effectiveness by looking at the little blue bar under it. Now you’ll get a pitch cursor. If you’re throwing a breaking ball, there will be arrows pointing to where the ball will end up after it breaks. So spot a curve ball where the arrows are pointing, not at the baseball cursors itself.

Now, the pitching part. Cake. It’s basically the old 3-click system.

First, you choose the pitch (by hitting the corresponding button), the cursor pops up, and you spot it. The cursor will fade, so do it quickly. Now it gets simple, even though the manual doesn’t tell you. You hit X once to start the meter moving. You hit X again when it reaches the power level you want. If you want to throw a really smoking fastball, go into the red. The higher you go on power, though, the worse your accuracy will be.

For a breaking ball you might want to stop in the yellow area to get the break right, for instance.

Anyway, after you’ve clicked once to start the meter, then clicked again in the power range, a line will show up in the blue area of the pitching meter. That’s your release point. Try to hit X again as soon as the pitch meter hits that spot on its way back down.

Hit it, and the pitch will be good (and the more you hit it the bigger the release point gets). Miss it and it’ll go a little wild and the release point will get smaller. If you’re really struggling, the release point will disappear and you’ll see a light blue area which is approximately where you should release this pitch.

I hope this helps a few people out because, as I said, for some reason, this just ain’t in the manual.

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