One thing we can all agree with Bush on…

I think this a terribly important thing to point out. In his Saturday radio address, possibly responding in part to a taunt from a purported AlQaeda leader, President Bush said: “…one thing has not changed: America faces brutal enemies who have attacked us before and want to attack us again. I have a message for these enemies: Do not confuse the workings of American democracy with a lack of American will. Our nation is committed to bringing you to justice, and we will prevail.”

I would hope that this is something that my friends across the great divide, over in Liberal Land, can easily agree with. We will continue to kick the collective asses of people who are intent on blowing us up because they somehow think we’re responsible for their inability to happily join the twenty-first, twentieth, or, well, even fifteenth century.

Somehow I think we’re going to see people blame Bush for dumping an enormous amount of sand around these people in a past life.

And I’m out…

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