I’m glad Lieberman won

I am. I’m very glad Lieberman won. First, I think he’s a reasonable fellow, fairly conservative in his outlook…someone I can listen to without wanting to chew his face off (unlike Nancy Pelosi, two seconds of her leads to uncontrollable projectile vomiting on my part).

But the second reason I’m happy about the win is more important. Lieberman’s win points very clearly to the fact that this election’s results were not a repudiation of our foreign policy. Lieberman voted for the war in Iraq; Ned Lamont sung a one-note campaign song about the war. And Lieberman won.

In fact, as Dick Morris predicted, the number one issue that people cited at exit polls — scandals. Alas, I cannot be an apologist for the various scandals that Republican Congressmen got caught in. I will, however, be gleefully going on and on and on about all the scandals the Democrat Congressmen will now be caught in over the next two years.


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