Obama’s VP choice is Joe Biden

Well, this was breaking as early as around 10 P.M. last night, but it wasn’t confirmed, so I held off on any speculation, but here we have it…

The interminably long-winded and boring Joseph Biden has been picked by the Obamarama Experience as his running mate. Those of you who were on the super-special “text message list” got the news at 3:06 AM this morning.

I’ll have plenty of time to talk about this, but one thing always pops into my mind with Joe Biden: plagiarism. He was caught in one of the worst political plagiarism scandals ever. Without even much attempt to change anything, Biden pulled a speech by a British politician named Neal Kinnock and claimed it as his own.

It wasn’t his first, and it wasn’t his last, instance of plagiarism.

Anyway, for more on that, go to:


Pretty much sums it up.

Other than that…well, obviously Biden has been picked because of his foreign policy “experience”, to lend gravitas to the Obama ticket on that level.

Let the endless dissecting and analyzing begin…

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