Madden ’09 lands…and keeps freezing and crashing on me

Well, Madden ’09 is here, and I’m…sort of…pleased with it.

It’s at 60 FPS on the PS3 (finally), Madden is back in it (a little), it has an adaptive “Madden IQ” system to rank your play (which sort of works), it has Collinsworth as the color man and a neat little “Backtrack” feature where Collinsworth will highlight things and show you key moves…

However, it keeps freezing up and crashing on me on the playcalling screen. Two out of three games, it did this to me. It sticks on the playcalling screen, but I can hear the play being run on the field.

This happening to anyone else?

By the way, sorry my posts have been spotty. I’ve been…er…busy…

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