McCain is not the guy, folks

This is annoying me a great deal. John McCain, early leader in the primaries, is simply not electable. He’d be the oldest president (at 76, I believe) ever elected. Also note he’s the genius behind “campaign finance reform” that limits free speech and moves people who can fund themselves (like Romney — blech) into the limelight simply because of the size of their wallet. And rumors of McCain’s temper abound — and I don’t like an extremely temperamental guy in the White House (say what you will about Bush but he keeps grinning and going forward, not blowing up either way).

Giuliani is the guy. Trust me. Giuliani will give Hillary OR Obama a damn good run. McCain is a very very likable guy. I understand that. But we should not be electing based on likability. Which is why, frankly, Hillary deserves the Democratic nomination; her experience dwarfs that of Obama’s (two years in there?).

All I can hope for is that Rudy’s bet (to stay out of Iowa and New Hampshire and focus on Florida and Super Tuesday) works. These things swing back and forth a lot. It’s way, way, way too early to crown McCain or Hillary or anybody.

I would also like Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick John Edwards. I’d do it myself but the Action Jeans haven’t come yet.

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