Light Cigarettes

Light cigarettes suck. I’m desperately trying to do SOMETHING for my lungs, but man, light cigarettes just…well, as previously stated, suck (and Kip continues to use the word “suck” a whole lot).

Speaking of sucking, since tonight’s MNF is Vikings-Packers, I’m just saying screw it and hacking away at Resident Evil 4. I suck at it. There. I said suck again. You can’t make me stop! Just try, dammit.

Anyway, I’m puffing away desperately on these light cigarettes, trying to get nicotine, whilst my supply of real cigarettes dwindles, which will eventually force me onto the light cigarettes for at least a month or so. Hopefully I’ll adjust by then. But somehow I’m doubting it. The light cigarettes (no brand mention here, I’m not gonna say, you’ll laugh) also somehow have managed to perfectly capture to flavor of ass in a cylindrical tube.

Now, I’d try cutting down, but when I go to the doctor, he insists on a setting a “quit date”. Hey! Don’t get so damn final on me! QUIT DATE? I barely know you. Take your quit date and ram it up your ass. Ahh, now I’ve used “ass” in two paragraphs, I can call it a night.

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