Football…or supposedly so…

Okay, tonight’s game is the…CHIEFS at the TEXANS? Oh, Christ, give me a break. Throw me a bone. And Monday Night Football is Vikings at the Packers. Yeah. Clash of the Really Really Bad Teams. “Are you ready for some football? Some mediocre football? The NFC North! Suckin’ like a high-priced hooker!”

Bah. Well, anyway, the Patriots are indeed on, Corey Dillon is out, screwing me in two fantasy leagues (“Run, Reuben Droughns! Run, Kevin Barlow!”). The Saints? Oh God, if we blow this one, I may have to say the AFC East DOES suck more than the NFC North. There. I’ve used “suck” in two paragraphs.

Prediction: 17-3, Pats win.

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