Jesse, Obama, and Obama’s nuts

Well, there you have it. We now know how Jesse Jackson feels about Barack Obama. He’d like to “cut his nuts” off.

The remark was made while Jackson was wired for sound for an interview on Fox. Why on Earth Jackson didn’t realize his mic would pick up his whisper is beyond me.

You know what my take on this is? It’s refreshing. It’s refreshing to actually hear what people think when they don’t think they’re being monitored. Like Bush’s “major league asshole” remark regarding Clymer from way back when.

Now, I can only begin to speculate what’s behind Jesse’s outburst. Apparently there’s worse stuff on the tape, but they’re not running it. I don’t really know if I buy that or not, but I do buy that on some level, whatever he now says to the contrary, Jackson would indeed like to cut Obama’s nuts off.

So let me begin to speculate. First, the issue that set it off is Obama’s recent move to support Bush’s faith-based initiatives programs. Jackson predicated the nut-chopping remark by saying that “Barack has been talking down to black people.” Now, I really don’t think that’s fair, myself. I haven’t seen any indications of Obama “talking down” to black people. But by supporting faith-based initiatives, he is talking down to Jesse Jackson. More faith-based iniatives leaves less and less of the spotlight for Jesse and Rainbow/PUSH.

Also, I think plain jealousy is at work here. Jackson wishes he could be the dynamic, one might say “legitimate”, black man running for the White House. He’s certainly tried (much to Bill Clinton’s amusement, apparently, recalling past gaffes on the campaign trail).

If there’s anything positive conservatives can take away from an Obama win in November, it would be that finally, fringe/whacko black “leaders” (read: extortion artists) like Jackson would finally be marginalized. They would have less to whip crows into frothing furies over. They’d have less spotlight.

But, folks, let’s admit it — this story, whether it has legs or not, is just plain fun for a lot of us.

And, for the record, although I disagree with Obama on many, many things, I do not want to chop his nuts off. Mr. Obama may keep his nuts.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe Jackson is just envious of Obama’s huge balls and wants to try to graft them on himself?

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