I told you, Jesus loves the Patriots…

Okay. I’ve been accused of being a Patriot “ball-licker”, but I’m going to say it, right here, right now:

The Ravens deserved to win that ballgame tonight.

Without question.

They outplayed the Patriots, they had the game in the bag, and then one of the most outrageous serious of blunders on the part of the Ravens cost them a game they should have had — topped by a timeout called by Billick which, had he not called, would have been the end of the game.

These guys cannot play like this against the Colts and expect to win. They cannot play like this against the Steelers and expect to win.

I don’t know what the hell’s happened to them, and it ain’t just the wind, but the Patriots stole one from the Ravens while playing a really shitty game of football on both sides of the ball.

I tip my hat to the Ravens and Ravens fans. You guys deserved that win.

I’m off to go have a heart attack now.

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