I hate Friendster with a passion (Erin Hatchett found, what good does it do?)

Okay. I now hate Friendster with a passion.

I never thought I’d say this, but, for stalking purposes, the interface is simply much crappier than…yes, Myspace. I logged on there to try to track down an ex-girlfriend, one of my favorite ex-girlfriends, one I dated in NYC and had to leave because I went back to Berkeley. She subsequently got married (to a US Marine, I believe), moved to Florida, and had a kid, and then, I think, got divorced, although not in that order. I subsequently…uhm…okay so I haven’t been doing much for the past eight years or so.

But here’s the thing — there’s no way to CONTACT anyone on Friendster. It seems to refuse to let me email the person. I found ANOTHER person in her friend list who I think I know and whom I thought I could get to relay a message back to her, and I couldn’t figure out how in hell to mail her.

Right. So, Erin Hatchett, read my goddamn blog and post a comment so I can give you my email address (actually it’s in a little post further down directed at a German, if you want) and see what the hell you’ve been doing.

Army brat. 🙂

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