Firefox, Live Bookmarks, and RSS Feeds

Ah, my bad. Remember me bitching slightly that Firefox came with a slightly annoying BBC-news “Latest Headlines” link? It’s actually a demonstration of something really keen which Firefox has integrated, namely, it can handle RSS feeds. Also know as “newsreader” feeds. In other words, you don’t need a newsreader (for most of these feeds). Example — go to CNN with Firefox. You’ll see an orange icon in the top right of the Address bar. Right click it or drag it onto your toolbar and shazzam, you’ve got a “Live Bookmark” — essentially an RSS/atom (newsread feed formats) menu. It’s really fun. You can even do it with my blog — look in the right hand corner right now. The icon should be there, because Blogger maintains an atom version of my blog automatically.

Kinda cool. Somewhat useless, I suppose, but still — kinda cool.

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