Fantasy Football

First, in random news, I have reconnected the alternate Kip Lange (I wonder if he has a goatee) with his friends in Germany, so I feel good about that.

Now onto more important stuff. NS and I have registered two leagues at and joined a third league, which is actually quite hard to do, considering there is the most unbelievable amount of niche-ness to these leagues (“This league only for firefighters missing a testicle!”).

Anyway, it’s done. We have live drafts on the 27th, the 5th, and the 6th. Hopefully I won’t have to pee incredibly bad during them like I did last year.

Now, I could reveal my ultra-secret draft plans, but then they damn well wouldn’t be ultra-secret, would they?

Anyway, I’m just looking to make it — not win, necessarily — to the championship game in one league, like I did last year (and then got vigorously spanked by my opponent).

First game of the season is on the 7th. And the Lord said, let the faggy soccer people go away, and let there be football, and let the Raiders fans be rowdy, and let us forget about the Denver-Patriots playoff game from last year and yea, it was good.

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