De rigeur rant about idiots

Ah, the Internet. Home to so many deranged whackos and people who can’t spell anything except “lol” correctly.

I made a mistake, man oh man, did I make a mistake. I was posting for a while on a very obscure board discussing…well, I can’t tell you what, because the troll I’m seeking peace from might pop up on here and spam me with endless comments.

Let’s just say the board was about widgets. And that I like widgets, and another fellow came along who didn’t like widgets. The trolling began. The troll posted inflammatory messages about anybody who liked widgets that made no sense, with grammar so bad they actually singed my eyebrows.

I posted a warning message about the troll, just so other people wouldn’t get drawn into fights with him. Next thing I know, I no longer really feel like posting at the board, because four people (who are probably all fifteen years old) bashed the ever-loving shit out of me.

Perhaps my favorite rant against me was that I had expressed support for the second amendment in a particular post, and how stupid was I to not think that people from all over the world were watching this tiny board? How dare I mention something from the evil American Constitution? The poster then went on to tell me I didn’t respect the first amendment, which, of course, he had already made moot by saying we can’t talk about amendments because we’re in a global village and…

Oh man. I just had to get it off my chest. There were three or four other legit posters on that board out of a grand total of maybe nine, and they were interesting folk, but I just can’t deal with threads that are interrupted by people who spell “courageous” as “courages”. Hehehe.

Anyway…I should know the hell to stay away from most boards…I have been online for a few decades now.

I got made out to be a chump, though, and it wasn’t pretty, and any post I make on there will just be fuel to pillory me.

Nah, this guy wasn’t trolling.


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