Expressionism and Montage in The Third Man back online

I’ve just noticed that a lot of people are trying to reach a paper I wrote over ten years ago at Berkeley on The Third Man. It’s one of my personal favorites, out of all the junk I wrote in college (I actually cared about this one when I wrote it).

Anyway, I was flattered to have it linked from — recognition of any kind is always great, and I suggest visiting the aforementioned site for more insight on The Third Man and other noir classics.

You can even get the old Harry Lime radio shows done by Welles from there.

Anyway, it’s back up, it’s at

And a word of warning — do not plagiarize. I am a professional writer, and plagiarism is a serious sin. If you use any of my work in your own paper for college or whatever, I expect you to cite it properly. If I find out this has been plagiarized, which I could easily do these days, I will contact your professor and inform him of what you’ve done (you better frickin’ believe it, buddy, I take writing very seriously).

Okay, enough beating you over the head with that. I hope you enjoy it a little, or that it proves useful to you.

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