Doctor Who information for American viewers

It greatly pissed me off when Doctor Who decided to take a “year off”, but it’s back again, and in fact has been back in the UK for a little bit now (at least, in the form of specials).

However, none of the new Doctor Whos have been aired in the US yet, as far as I know. Correct me if I’m wrong. SyFy  (what  a stupid name change) doesn’t have it, and as far as I know, BBC America hasn’t been showing it.

There are three (four, if you count two-parters separately) new episodes with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. They are:

The Planet of the Dead (Easter Special, 2009): The Doctor must save a bus full of innocents transported to a desert planet (with the aid of a cute young cat burglar).
The Waters of Mars (2009): The Doctor zips in to visit the first colonists of Mars — who all, according to history, mysteriously disappear the day he arrives.
The End of Time (Christmas Special, 2009, two parts, Tenth Doctor Finale): The Doctor faces down The Master and deals with a horde of Timelords (led by Timothy Dalton) from Gallifrey trying to escape the vapor-locked “Time War” (David Tennant’s last appearance as The Doctor).

The next season starts up on the BBC this Easter, 2010, with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his new companion, Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan), in an episode entitled The Eleventh Hour.

How did I get to see the last Tenth Doctor specials? Simple. Torrents. Get ’em while they’re fresh. They’re out there. And I know some of you people are going to be pissed that I download torrents, but I don’t care. Bahaha!

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