A quick note regarding VG vs. PG

Okay, this is just a short tip for vapers. The two types of fluid used in e-cigs are Propylene Glycol (PG, same stuff used in fog machines), and Vegetable Glycol (same as PG but with a vegetable base).

Now, here’s the thing. I got some VG juice from Johnson Creek — their flavors are great — and I began to have problems with harsh hits from my eGo-T (yeah, I got one, I’ll write a review later) and my 510-T.

It turns out this can happen with VG because VG is thicker than PG and you have to allow more time for the atomizer to “drink it in”. I replaced the VG in my e-cigs with PG-based Vanilla from Vaper’s Choice…and, lo and behold, the harsh throat hits stopped. I also started getting a lot more vapor per puff.

This may not be exactly what was causing the harsh hits, but, given that the PG worked, I’m inclined to believe it was a major factor. But I do not speak for all vapers — some prefer VG to PG. Search the Internet and draw your own conclusions. But do it before you blow $20 on a bottle of e-liquid that may end up being useless to you.

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