A good, simple iPhone ringtone maker

Well, the old iPhone Ringtonemaker has gone all googly-eyed with extra add-ons that aren’t needed, silly things like making ringtones out of YouTube videos, stuff like that. No longer just a simple Ringtone maker, it’s called “Ringtone Expressions” and even if you have a license for iPhone Ringtonemaker, you’re still going to have to pony up more cash for this ringtone maker.

The reason you WANT a ringtone maker for the iPhone, by the way, is that iTunes will only make ringtones out of songs purchased off of iTunes — which, if you’re like me, is a very small portion of your library.
Anyway, I found a simple, easy, freeware ringtone maker for the iPhone, that exports directly to iTunes. It’s a lot like the original iPhone Ringtonemaker, but it’s free. You can get it at:
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