XBox 360 Controller Emulator — Executable, Customizable

In response to a recent comment I received, I’m uploading the latest version of the XBox 360 controller emulator for you guys. Note that this is an executable file, not just the DLL and the .ini file I gave you before. You use this executable to customize your controller and it generates the DLL and the .ini file, which you then put in the folder where the executable for your game is.

Get the new executable here:

Also, as an aside — I’m currently using the D3 tool (Dualshock 3 Tool) from MotioninJoy, that allows you to use your PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 controller as a wireless XBox 360 controller — provided you have a bluetooth adapter/dongle. There are two downsides to it — it’s a bitch to get working, first, and, second, to use the bluetooth capability, you have to load a special driver for your adapter that precludes use of any other bluetooth device. So if you’re using a lot of bluetooth devices, it’s not worth it — although you can still use it wired, with a USB cord. Google “d3 tool” or “motioninjoy” to find out what I’m talking about — perhaps I’ll put a direct link up when I get time, but I don’t have it right now. Anyway, I’m getting off course — the point I wanted to make is that if you use the D3 tool, DO NOT use the 360 controller emulator! Your Dualshock 3 will work just like a 360 controller, and using the controller emulator files will just screw up the buttons bigtime.

Happy gaming!

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