Wherefore the hell art thou, Plasma TV?

So, here I am, having ordered a 42-inch plasma HDTV from Circuit City…and the idiots can’t seem to figure out when to deliver it. First they said it was coming Friday, now they tell me I have to get a new receipt and it’ll come on Saturday. Well, it damn well better come, because I plan on watching this week’s games in HD. I can always try the TV downstairs but bah, that’s a rear-projection HDTV, who wants that?

Took an hour on the phone with Circuit City to clear things up, too.

This damn TV better arrive on Saturday. My whole life, I’ve wanted the Big TV. I finally go shell out the money for it, and what happens? They tease me with delivery dates. Not fair. If I wanted to feel this frustrated, I’d start dating again.

And nobody else can watch the Big TV when it comes. Thppthh!

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