Troy Brown still undecided as to whether to retire

First, let me predicate this by saying that I think Troy Brown is a class act who has given his all to the Patriots in his years here. I also think he was a hell of a player.

I say “was” because, as most Pats fan will know, Troy Brown, who is the all-time leader in receptions for the Patriots (557), did not catch a single pass last season and played in only one game (not the Superbowl).

Most people have expected Troy Brown to quietly retire this year. However, Brown is not at all settled on the matter.

I think that it’s time for Troy Brown to go. I know how much he loves the game. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. But there comes a time for every football player where he has to decide to drop out or “die onstage”, as William F. Buckley, Jr., put it when he resigned as editor of The National Review. In this case, we’re talking about figuratively dying. Brown will not play next year. He will ride the bench.

There’s nothing dishonorable about that but I wish Troy would bow out now, leaving behind him an amazing career and the love of fans all across the nation. It’s what Brett Favre did, and I think Favre also made the right decision.

In other words, I’m saying, Troy Brown should bow out while he’s still on top. This is just my opinion.

Either way, Troy Brown remains one of those people who, to me, define what football is all about. He captures all of the intangibles.

I wish him luck whatever decision he makes.

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