Okay. I got this nasty while surfing less-than-reputable websites. It’s horrible. It downloads other malware onto your system until you’re swamped with it. Your desktop gets fubared, your toolbars get fubared…

Anyway, I can’t step-by-step walk you through getting rid of this thing, but I can at least tell you how I managed to luck into getting rid of it. First, after you’ve got the programs I’m about to mention installed, disconnect from the internet immediately and by that I mean pull the plug on your modem if you’re using cable or DSL. You might also want to pull your plug if you’re using a regular modem, since the thing downloads dialers.

Here’s what I used (just do a search on them, I’m too tired to post links right now): Ewido Suite (free for 14 days), Spyware Doctor (free trial month), Norton Antivirus (not free but possibly not necessary). That’s all. I booted into safe mode. I ran Ewido. When you run Ewido, for time’s sake (because it takes a loooong time to do a full Ewido Scan), just choose “Perform this action every time” when you fix your first virus. When you’re done with that, run Norton. Then run Spyware Doctor. Hopefully it’ll show Trojan.Downloader.Small.CML with *14* registry entries instead of 17. Delete them all. Reboot. Spyware Doctor should run on reboot (into normal mode) and HOPEFULLY when you delete Trojan.Download.Small.CML it will NOT say it needs to reboot. If it does, try one more time.

This is the best advice I can give you. The second best advice I can give you is to download HijackThis, scan your system and save a log file, and post it to one of the many open geek forums where someone more kindly and knowledgeable than I will walk you through deleting this thing.

Good luck, too, if you have it. It’s one of the nastier things I’ve picked up, ever.

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