“Trapped in the Closet”, South Park Episode 912, AVI File (BitTorrent)

Okay, found a really good link to a BitTorrent stream for “Trapped in the Closet” — South Park Episode 912, the one Tom Cruise doesn’t want you to see. For information on BitTorrent and a client to download the file, follow this link.

To download “Trapped in the Closet”, South Park Episode 912 — the one Viacom will not re-air because Cruise has threatened to pull his publicity from Mission Impossible III if they do, follow this link right here (you need a BitTorrent client, see above).

Note: I am not hosting this file. The above is a link to a completely different site. In other words, if you want to yell at me about copyright infringement, don’t waste your time. First off, I believe I’ve read over and over that Mssrs. Stone and Parker are not that worried about their episodes being available online, and I’m damn sure they don’t mind if you’re finally free to see “Trapped in the Closet” for the first or second time, since it has effectively been censored. Beyond that, as I have said, the file is not on this server. So go bother someone else if you have nothing better to do than gripe that the world is ending because of filesharing. 😉

Again, the link to “Trapped in the Closet”, AVI format.

Fuck you, Tommy Cruise.

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