Tour and Fury

Alright, Obama administration, I have really had it with you people now. Nicely done on the White House tours for schoolkids thing. You utter pricks! I mean, how dare you do this? It is one of the most blatant, sickening, finger-wagging pieces of pandering crap I have seen in my life — and I’ve seen a lot. Your bluff got called on it, too — and now Carney has his panties in a wad over a couple of legit questions about money allocation?

Listen, you piles of human excrement, I know how the game works. I was down at Clinton’s inaugaration (his first one), brought down there under false pretenses for a program that never existed, in a school group, and to try to get us out of their skin they told us we could stay but that they would “probably” have to put us in army barracks.

Yeah, right. I arranged a conference call with a few people and an hour later we were staying in a four star hotel. The point is, you really think people are so stupid that they don’t realize that, say, if the sheikh of an oil rich country were to suddenly drop in and pay a visit, the White House wouldn’t open for a tour for him? You expect us to believe that?

All of this for a cut that doesn’t even bring us close to pre-Obama spending levels. You people have no shame. And that’s why your poll numbers are going down. Congrats, guys — you finally really overplayed your hand.

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