Thoughts on the iPhone 4

Well, I have it, finally — have had it for two days; the brand spankin’ new iPhone 4. What do I think of it?

Overall, I like it. They’ve changed the design a little bit, which I don’t mind, because I’m more of a fan of the sharp-edged iPhone than the “rounded” 3G and 3GS.

FaceTime works perfectly. I videochatted with a friend of mine for about half an hour, not a single glitch, very fast, very good quality video.

The camera has been worked over, and now has  a flash, and also a much better autofocus feature. You can also shoot video in 720p HD, which is nice.

However — and this is a big however — the reported “antenna glitch” is real, and if you get an iPhone 4, you better be prepared to deal with it. You can either stick a piece of scotch tape around the offending antenna, or you can buy a case, or do what I did, which is buy Apple’s “bumper”. Those will all fix the problem. Alternatively, you can just try not to hold the phone with your fingers on the antenna (a small black line at the bottom of the phone), but I find this to be rather hard to do, so I’m waiting very impatiently for my bumper to arrive.

Overall, not as huge a leap as the 3GS was from the 3G, but still a nice little skip forward. And it runs iOS 4.0 beautifully. And fast. And well.

And I’m done.

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