The Vultures, Part II (the apology)

I really shouldn’t bitch about my cousins so much. We did, at least, get roughly $15k off of them for the various stuff they picked up. And we managed to keep a little bit of silver, along with the Stewardson watercolors, “The Ancestor” (as previously mentioned, that’s mine now), and a great sketch piece called “Christmas Visitors” that I have always fancied. I think I threw one of the cousins off a little bit when he asked how my consulting was going and I replied, “I don’t really consult. I get a disability check from the government every month for being crazy.” (to which he replied: “And how long is that good for?” — as long as I’m crazy, which is basically as long as I’m alive, bahahaha).

Oh well. They’re not bad people. They just annoy me. And my female cousin insisted on a hug, which I really didn’t want to do, especially since I’m smelling kinda ripe today. Anyway, the stuff they got is “family” stuff, so, whatever, more power to them, I guess. I just wish this all wasn’t happening, is all. I kind of hoped I would get to inherit all this stuff one day. Stupid of me, eh?

Speaking of which, my parents are already planning on pissing away the money. New stove, new fridge, new dishwasher. And a new flatscreen TV simply because the HD CRT set my father has is considered “ugly” by my mother. Okay. So be it. But I still get the new TV, and they get my hand-me-down, because they wouldn’t know 1080p if it bit them in the ass, screaming, “I’m 1080p!” So, well, my 1080p videogames and Blu-ray movies will look extra snazzy. Maybe I can even talk them into getting an even bigger set (doubt it) than 42″. Ack, now I’m starting to piss the money away.

Runs in the family, I guess.

But, to sum up: my cousins are okay, I’m a sullen misanthrope, and I hope they enjoy the stuff they picked up from us.

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