The unsung Pat heroes…

Okay, maybe they’ve been sung about a little bit, but the real driving force behind the Patriots’ success has been…the offensive line.

Without that offensive line, sure, Brady would still be completing passes, but he wouldn’t be blowing people out and making a run for the record books. This is an offensive line so good it can make Eckel, a fourth-string running back, look as good as Maroney.

And the time they give Brady is unbelievable. And when you give Brady time, you are fucked, pardon my French.

All good coaches know that building a great team starts and ends with putting together a great offensive line. And New England’s is, right now, the best O-line in the NFL. Sure, they’re big, hunking galoots, and they don’t get their names in the paper all the time, but they’re the ones in the trenches really winning this game for the Pats.

The same goes for the defensive lineman, who are putting on a great rush, stopping the run, and holding up the line enough so linebackers on a mission from Hell have the time and room to make the play. Vince Wilfork is a force.

Still, though, ask me to put together a football team, and I’m going to start by building an offensive line. And there simply isn’t a better one in the league than New England’s.

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