The South Park Version of “The Aristocrats”

Anybody who’s ever heard “The Aristocrats” joke, or seen the movie co-produced by Penn and Teller (man, do they rule, how much do I miss the hardcore old MofoExMachina BBS?), or likes South Park…I just ran across this. I was sort of looking for it, but not really, just paging through a lot of versions of “The Aristocrats”. Er. Yeah, I’m a sick bastard. Now, anyway, the point is, I found the link to Cartman’s version of the joke. It’s linked from Right-o, so the link to Cartman’s version, which is frigging hilarious, is right here — Cartman’s “The Aristocrats”. If you have Windows Media Player, it ought to work.

Enjoy. And, by the way, I actually heard this joke before the movie came out. And not from the Hugh Heffner roast. I feel special.

Okay, no I don’t. But go check it out anyway.

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