The Return of Chef

Okay. I almost pissed my pants at the South Park series opener (“The Return of Chef”). Apparently a lot of other people did as well, because this episode was apparently the most highly-rated premiere since 2002.

Me, I’ve been reading up on Scientology, and holy CRAP do you have to be stupid to buy into that.

So, this is what I say:

Come, Legions of Xenu! Harken unto me! We shall liberate our most glorious Lord from his mountain prison. Then we shall build more space planes that look exactly like DC-8s, call the Thetans in for a tax audit, put them into a stupor with alcohol once again, fly them on our magnificent Space DC-8s to the moon, place them around craters, and blow them up with hydrogen bombs!

Can you believe these people have their own cruise ship?

I also propose someone write a book called The Thetanic Verses.

Thank God for their sheer pig-headed idiocy, though, because it’ll make South Park more visible, and give it even more lease to make fun of Scientologists.

As I said, I read Hubbard, too, when I was young, and his books are really horrible. No, I did not read Dianetics. I’m “pre-clear”, unfortunately.

And I like it that way. Har!

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