The post-Christmas blahs

Does anybody else get these? The aforementioned “post-Christmas blahs”?

You gotta know what I mean. All the effort and everything that leads up to Christmas, then everybody opens their presents, and you eat your ham, or maybe you open your ham and you eat your presents, I don’t know, but then, damn, it’s all over and New Year’s is creeping up…and I really am kind of sick of celebrating New Year’s, it always feels forced to me.

I mean, back in the day, so to speak, I liked New Year’s, because I’d go out and get totally plastered and then maybe dump a beer on my head at midnight. But now I’m older and my constitution simply can’t take that, even if I was still trying to party at that level.

It’s just an empty feeling, you know? A very empty feeling. I was so close to running to the liquor store and buying a pint of Jack Daniel’s, but that never goes well — drinking alone, I mean — and I always end up calling up some ex-girlfriend at like one in the morning and insisting I still love her (which I probably do, but which none of the poor ladies I have put through the grinder that is known as a relationship with me deserve to be reminded of).

Ah well.

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