The Perfect Season…on the line…

Well, here we are, boys.

Everybody gets the game now. NFL Network coughed it up to all three major networks, I believe.

Of course, to match the ’72 Dolphins, really, we have to go on and win the Superbowl, and while I’m not worried about a Cowboys-Patriots game, I am concerned about how we’ll do against Indy. They’ve got Harrison back now and we weren’t so sharp against them last time around.

But still, if the Pats hit the 16-0 mark, it’s history.

The NFL Network is running a six hour pregame show.

How much more hype can we stand? I feel like someone has punched a frigging needle full of hype straight into my chest a la Uma Thurman’s adrenaline injection in Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, here we go…

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