The Pats suck

There, I said it. That’s off my chest.

It was a divine joke. Seven minutes into the first game of the season, Tom Brady goes down and so does any hope for the Patriots.

This is not to say that it’s all Brady’s fault. First, we don’t have a backup QB worth anything. Cassel just ain’t it. I mean, Romo goes down, and you get Brad Johnson, who’s got a championship ring on his finger. Brady goes down, and you get Cassel.

Somebody get on the phone to Drew Bledsoe, or something, for the love of God.

And there’s our defense. What defense? The Chargers cut through us like a hot knife through butter. Sure, with Brady at the helm, maybe we could have turned the thing into a shootout, but a team tha’ts letting up that many points on the field — something’s wrong.

It’s just depressing. Only one real question remains: Can the Patriots make the playoffs? Given the crappiness of the AFC East, the chances are actually fairly good. Although not if they played the way they did last Sunday.

Oh, and on one other note, if I have to hear about “Joe the Plumber” anymore, I am going to become “Kip the Foot-up-your-ass Guy”.

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