Take my Senate…Please!

Okay, okay, so the bastards have the Senate, too (in all likelihood). Let me go over a few things. First, scalping Rumsfeld is disgraceful. The liberals actually should have supported him — he was all for modernizing the military and making it more cost-effective (which is why a lot of ex-military hate him — remember, it took forever to get our military to admit they needed AIR POWER). But I suppose they wanted someone to be the goat, and Rumsfeld gets it. Big mistake. Second, if any liberal thinks this Congress is going to pull our troops out of Iraq — it ain’t happening. It’s too big of a decision. If it goes wrong and there’s a bloodbath because we leave, the Democrats will be blamed, and they don’t want that.

Now, as for scandilitis — the Democrats would be wise to count the skeletons in their closets before they start launching investigation after investigation into Republicans. After all, one of their favorites, the so-called “Lion of the Senate”, Ted Kennedy, KILLED a woman. Yes. Remember Chapaquiddick? That little thing? Mary Jo Kopeckne? The man got away with murder. We might as well elect O.J. — hey, don’t laugh, I can see it happening.

As long as O.J. is for “hope”. Hehe.

Ah well. I have at least two years to rant about Democrats. It feels good. And as for the Republicans who got tossed out, I feel no remorse. I feel happy that I no longer have to defend people who pose as conservatives but spend and act (XXX-movie style) reprehensibly. RINOs.

I actually agree with Rush on this one. I’m not the world’s biggest Rush fan, but I really think he summed up a lot of current feeling from the conservatives in this latest rant. (I hope the link works for a while, sometimes links to his site degrade over time because of how they update).

Let the games begin!

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