Sally Tognarelli? No, Sally Morgan…

I have to make a shameless plug here. Sally Tognarelli, a good friend of mine from back in “the day”, as we used to say, has changed her stage name to Sally Morgan (too many people would screw up Tognarelli on marquees and such). She’s a singer, and she has the voice of an angel. I’ve linked to her new site on the sidebar, which contains some of the tunes off the CD she just finished. I strongly urge you to go visit her at and listen for yourself.

She’s also one of the world’s nicest people, and one of the world’s prettiest girls, although that all comes second to that sublime voice.

Go. Go now to and see for yourself.

She’s currently touring the country with her boyfriend (what a lucky bastard!) — check and see if she’s performing anywhere near you.

Now, go to The Kip hath spoken.

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