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Heyo, guys — I just wanted to address, for a second, the comment system on here. If I could make it so that the comments didn’t need to be screened, I would, but I get over one thousand spam comments per week (on a slow week). And I don’t log in every day to go through the comments that Akismet decides aren’t spam (Akismet is a great tool, free, for WordPress, that will screen out 99% of the spam comments for you). That being said, if you post a comment, and it is legit, I will put it up; it just may take me some time. One caveat — I may block out some words with asterisks if offensive language is being used — but I will still post your comment. So, please, feel free to comment about anything and everything, and as long as it’s not spam, I will approve the comment (although it may take a few days for me to get to it). Salut!

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