Quick review of the new Joye 510-T “Tank” e-cigarette

Joye, the makers of the hugely popular “510” e-cigarette (the numbers mean nothing — or they indicate something, but I have no idea what it is) introduced a new e-cig: the Joye 510-T “Tank” cigarette.

So I plunked down $70 for a starter kit from e-smokeytreats.com (they still ship the fastest) and it came in the mail yesterday. I’ve been vaping steadily with it for a day and a half now.

The primary change to the 510-T is a “fluid feeder” system, meaning that instead of using wadding to hold the e-liquid, it uses a cartridge that you open up and directly fill with e-liquid — meaning you’re going to be adding more fluid less frequently.

And indeed, it does last longer and gives out a higher kick of vapor than the old 510. The batteries also last a good deal longer than the older 510 batteries. And a quick tip here: Do NOT plug a 510 battery into a 510-T charger, you will burn it out. Although the 510-T can use a regular 510 battery, even though it’s a lower amperage.

So, after testing out the 510-T, I’m fairly impressed. Vapor output is about the same as the regular 510, but removing the need to drip and constantly top off cartridges with e-liquid is now no longer a problem.

I have two small complaints about the 510-T. The first is that the blank cartridges they use are a pain in the ass to open. I have to bite the top off at the moment; I’m still looking for a better way to get that top off.

The second complaint is lack of flavor. The regular 510 isn’t so great at delivering “taste”; the 510-T is even worse. Although the juice I’m using could be the problem, so I ordered up some e-liquid from Johnson Creek, which many people swear by (the new Blu cartomizers use Johnson Creek e-liquid and they produce a LOT of taste — unfortunately they don’t produce a lot of vapor).

Other than those two issues, though, I find the 510-T “Tank” system to be a definite step up from the regular 510. It kicks out a little more vapor, but the key thing is how much longer it lasts than the 510 — both in terms of battery and in terms of refilling the e-liquid.

In the final analysis, I think vapers are still waiting for an “iPhone” of an e-cig — something that’s a real change, a huge step up. The 510-T is not there yet. But it’s on its way. It is definitely well on its way.

However, one caveat — I’m an early adopter of e-cigs, and this system has only been on the market for a short while, so unless you really really want one, I would wait a little longer to see if there are any problems with the 510-T over time.

I will be sure to let you know if there are. In the meantime, I consider the Joye 510-T “Tank” to be the best electronic cigarette currently on the market.

Vape on!

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