Problems with Eudora fonts or fonts in Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, possible fix

This was driving me nuts. I’m an old-school Eudora user — version, you can keep your fancy new open-source Eudora; I love the one I have.

After a recent Windows update, all the fonts in Eudora suddenly looked bold…or bigger…something was wrong. And it was annoying the hell out of me. I couldn’t seem to fix it by changing or resetting fonts, no matter how hard I tried.

However, after a little bit of searching on the Internet, I came across a fix for it that worked, and returned fonts back to normal. It was also mentioned that this can be used to return fonts in web browsers back to normal after a Windows update gives you the same problem (I am running Windows 7 64-bit).

It’s pretty simply. Go to the display control panel. Set the resolution to something different than you already have it. Keep the changes. Go back, switch it back to the resolution you want to run at, keep changes again.

This fixed it for me. Good luck!

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3 Responses to Problems with Eudora fonts or fonts in Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, possible fix

  1. Bob Yamartino says:

    Hi Kip,

    I’m also a Eudora fan and have running on Windows 7, 64-bit. My problem is that more and more emails (esp. from Apple products) have fonts that show up as junk, for example, the apostrophe is always converted to the string: ’

    Have you or anyone out there come up with a “fix” or new font set?


    • Kip says:

      I have the same problem. I don’t know of any new font set, but I’ll try looking for one. My only solution is to forward the mail back to myself and read it in webmail or on my iPad at the moment. Will get back to you; going to look into this. I love Eudora, though, even if some of the messages aren’t coming through.

    • Kip says:

      I found a possible fix here — try this: Hope it helps! Trying it myself.

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