I am pleased to note that I have gotten back into contact with my old friend Dave Rempis (see the sidebar and the link to www.daverempis.com — also, just Google him or click here to see various links to his music).

Dave is a fairly heavy hitter on the Chicago jazz scene right now. I urge you all to listen to his music. He’s sure as hell the best sax players I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, it’s damn good to be in touch with him again. His website hasn’t been really put up yet; there’s just a placeholder there right now, but expect more soon.

In the meantime, check him out online.

And there are only perhaps three people on the face of this planet who are allowed to call him “Pointy” so don’t you dare call him Pointy. It’s Mr. Rempis to you and you’ll damn well like it.

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