Playstation Firmware 1.80 — upscaling DVDs and PS2 and PS1 games to HD

Well, I gotta say, Sony may have screwed some things up in terms of launching the PS3, but since it’s been out, they’ve been doing a breakneck job of getting up to speed. Most of the third party games have been ported over by now, the library is picking up speed, and the first PS3-only games are starting to build up.

Now, as for Firmware Update 1.80 — available as of today, Thursday, May 24th — get it. Get it now. Why?

The 1.80 update is able to “upscale” regular (non blu-ray) DVDs and PS2/PS1 games to high definition. Okay, obviously, it’s not “true” HD, but I must admit, Sony has done a good job. I fired up my PS2 version of Madden 2007 to check it out, and it looks great.

In addition, “Remote Play” for PSP users has finally been implemented bigtime, and you can now port information and such from a computer or similar device. Well, you could before, sort of, but now it’s much easier.

Major points to Sony on this one.

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