PlayStation 4 (“Orbis”) Release Announcement on Feb 20th

Well, here we are at the end of the current console cycle (but, hey, if any more games like DeadSpace 3 come out, we’re going out with a bang!). PlayStation is expected to announce the release date of the PlayStation 4, named “Orbis”, on February 20th. Some gaming titles have already leaked…you can find them here:

On the XBox front, I’ve heard rumors the “720” is going to be basically controller-less. You will use a headset. I find it a little hard to believe that MSFT would go full-on Kinect-style and lose the controller; they’d drive away many, many hardcore gaming fans. I mean, oddly enough, even though the Kinect, the Move, and the Wii are all struggling a bit, everybody, including Sony, seems to be doubling down on the tech. I find it interesting…but 90% of these things, I mean, look, if I wanted this sort of thing, I’d get off my lazy butt, go get a health club membership, and work out. Or I’d just find someone with a ping-pong table. I know the tech is in its infancy, but these companies need to understand that hardcore gamers like me like the feel of that heavy weighted controller in their hands. Sure, I’m interested in AR and VR stuff, but just let me retain the option to use a controller, eh?

Will post again when I have more news.

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