Philosophical shift

I would like to announce, that as of now, I fully support gay marriage, as I feel the issue has not been shoved down my throat recently. This is a move from civil unions with all the benefits of marriage, but leaving God out of the matter. I will now fight as hard as I can on the issue in the conservative corner of the GOP. I apologize for my slow move to this position; as a contrarian, the issue would repeatedly be forced upon me, and my contrarian instincts would kick in and I would argue against it. I wish all the LBGTs out there the absolute best of luck. I cannot see in any way how you marrying infringes on the rights endowed upon me by The Creator, or anyone else’s. Go with God, go with peace, good luck to you all. I now stand with you fully on this issue. I’ll do what I can to change the minds of others, but this is something that one has to arrive at oneself, I think. Take care.

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