Pet Peeve #367: People on Laptops at Starbucks

Okay, listen, I have nothing against whipping out your iPhone or your BlackBerry and checking sports, weather, stocks, email, whatever when you’re in Starbucks. But who are these assholes who sit there for hours on end typing away on their Mac Airbooks? Always Macs, by the way. I mean, give me a break. What, you need to be seen out in the open writing to prove that you’re actually writing? Or do you just need to justify the $3k your parents spent on your laptop for college for you?

I would love to tip these jerks’ drinks onto their Airbooks and fry the circuitry.

The funniest thing is, if you go to Dunkin’ Donuts, you never see anybody “fake”-typing away at a laptop. I once saw a guy use one in DD’s, but he was actually working, believe it or not. And the reason people don’t generally use laptops in Dunkin’ Donuts is not, give me a break, because they do not have WiFi service available. It’s because their coffee is actually reasonably priced and tastes good, not just overpriced swill.

And yes, I do drink Starbuck’s coffee, but only one variety: I have an iced caramel machiatto. Those things are damn good. And I make them put like half the bottle of caramel in. For $4.55 a pop, they better put half the bottle of caramel in.

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