Perhaps all women aren’t insane…

Well, I do have to report good news. I got in touch with an old friend whom I parted with on less than great terms — an old female friend, not a girlfriend, but a good friend. And the young lady in question has absolved me from the temper tantrum I threw at her during our last meeting. Which is a huge weight off my back, because this is one of those temper tantrums you have that lasts five minutes and then you realize how stupid it was but there’s no damn going back.

I am guilty, I believe, of blanket judgment of all women sometimes. If one acts one way, I somehow think they all act that way. Which is stupid. Which is why I don’t have a girlfriend or many female friends (when, in fact, I actually like platonic female friends — a lot — the few that I have).

I’m working on it, that’s all I can say. Thirty-one years old and I’m still working on it. Then again, can any guy reading this tell me they really understand women? I don’t mean understanding how to manipulate them, because I know some guys like that, and I don’t particularly like that approach, and it certainly isn’t anywhere near the same thing as actually understanding women.

But I feel better. Dharma has been restored. Karma has worked to swing things back to their natural balance. The Eagle has landed (no, wait, that last one, right, that makes no sense — I just like saying it — “the Eagle has landed!” — it never loses power as a phrase to me…)

Perhaps I’m not hopeless after all. 🙂

Nah, who am I kidding…hehehe.

I do feel better about myself, though.

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