Oh, how the mighty eBayers have fallen…

If you want to see what the Playstation 3s on eBay are selling for, check this link:


Indeed. The mighty eBayers who waited in line in the rain, got beaten up by PS3-hungry thugs, who peed against alley walls all night waiting to grab those PS3s to sell to us poor fools for $2000 a pop — oops, they’ve dropped at least a grand. The most expensive one as I speak is priced at $1000, contains two free games (a $120 value), and the seller is so desperate to get rid of it so fast that he is willing to ship it for free or to HAND DELIVER it to you for free.

Most of the other PS3s (I’m talking about the top-of-the-line 60GB units) are selling for around $670-$800. That means that the poor fools camped out all that time for a grand profit of, on the low end…just about $70.

How terribly sad. And yet, at the same time, how terribly satisfying for those of us desperately waiting to pick up a Playstation 3, who were thwarted from buying the original units by these annoying eBayers who don’t even want the system and who were convinced they could sell it on eBay for more than triple the retail price.

They better hurry, too, if they want to make ANY money, because Sony is adamantly sticking by its plan to have one million units ready to go by March.

Serves ’em right, they screwed legit gamers out of the console they had been waitng years to buy and delivered them into the hands of spoiled children whose mommy and daddy are willing to shell out two grand (idiotically, with no service contract on a new and surely buggy system) just to make sure their trust-fund-wielding child would be able to play Resistance: Fall of Man on their personal HDTV (probably gifts from last Christmas) on Christmas morning.

Bah to all of them, I say, and power to the PS3-loving middle class!

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