Notes from the Underground

1. The Patriots may have beaten the Bills, but I’m not getting warm and fuzzy feelings about them yet. They have a hell of a lot work to do to improve if they hope to advance anywhere in the playoffs (I’m assuming they’ll make the playoffs, come on, what AFC East team is threatening them right now?)

2. I guess it’s Fall coming on, but I’m getting more depressed lately. Although the older one gets, the less one likes to show that, which sort of makes it worse and cyclical. Who really cares, eh? Situational depression is no cause for happy pills from your doctor. We’re the most overprescribed people in history. Kid acting up? Oh, he must have ADHD, give him some pills. It couldn’t possibly normal for a young kid to be rambunctious, over the top, and a troublemaker. Certainly this isn’t something a parent should try to fix by raising them better, right?

3. I blog too infrequently and I blog too blandly for fear of eventually landing a big cushy job and having someone at the company run a search on me and turn up my actual feelings about things. Need to balance that out, somehow.

4. Just to increase my hits: “Kari Byron naked.” Although there are plenty of legit Kari Byron links in this blog.

5. What is the deal with me and incense? I have some sort of incredibly odd existential connection with it. I barely spend my money (video games and incense), yet here I am, lighting incense like mad. I keep two sticks of Nag Champa burning while I go to sleep. What the hell is wrong with me?

6. At age 31, women still scare the ever-loving crap out of me. I literally turn into a statue when an attractive woman walks by. This does not bode well for the possible continuance of my genes. Which sucks, because I’m not too sure in God, which leaves the biological imperative as my cause celebre, and I’m failing in that.

7. Lucky number seven — I’ll end on that.

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