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I live again…

That’s right, I’m not dead or anything. My mother has been in the hospital for the past three months and I’ve simply been too busy to make a blog post. But far be it from me to cease annoying those few people whom I rightly annoy.
Let’s talk about the stimulus and the budget. What I really don’t get is people who act surprised that Obama is spending so much cash so fast.
What did you expect? The guy has the most liberal voting record in Congress (yes, I hear you people saying, “That’s a lie!”, except it’s not a lie, for God’s sake, look up the ACU ratings, and you’ll find Obama with a like 1 or 2% rating). We elected a liberal, and he’s doing exactly what liberals do: He’s taxing and spending the crap out of everything.
Now, far be it from me to decry deficit spending. After all, I’m a defender of Reagan, who ran deficits, a defender of Bush, who ran deficits, and a disciple of Milton Friedman, who thought deficits were just dandy.
But even I flinch at the spending Obama is doing.
Let’s face the facts, here. Stimulus bill? Budget? Please. What’s going on is an orgy of liberal spending on liberal programs, a liberal hostility to people who earn lots of money, and a liberal love affair with Europeanization. That’s right. People who wants us to be more like France. People who want us to be more like France. It sounds so awful, I had to say it twice. Wait. France. People who want us to be more like France. Ah, the French. Who only have one terrorist alert level above “Surrender” — “Collaborate“.
So what’s the fuss about? I knew what this cat was going to do when we elected him. Push through every left-leaning wet dream he possibly could and spend like a drunken sailor.
Am I the only one who simply expected this? Did you people really think he was a “new” Democrat? Did you really think he has a conservative bone in his body? Hell, the Republican nominee barely has a conservative bone in his body.
So, shut up already. You’re getting what you voted for. This is “change we can believe in”. As in, “I will spend and spend and spend until there’s nothing left but a little change, and then I’ll spend again.”
And yes, I’ll post more often. 🙂
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