Nobody’s getting a goddamn Playstation 3

Yeah. I said it. We’re not going to a get a PS3. That is, you people reading this. Because as I write this, people are camping out — or lurking around areas where you can’t camp out until a certain time — to get at pretty much a max of 20 premium units and 6 crap 20 gig units (who wants those). So we’re not getting one. I’m almost positive I’m not getting one. I’m too old to camp out. I camped out for Floyd tickets, but I am NOT camping out for a video game console. Those are the same assholes who camped out for the first Star Wars movie — and it SUCKED. I don’t want to have to sit in line for more than twenty minutes with that sort of person.

Know where the PS3s are going? EBay, of course. They’re selling for as high as $2000 on EBay. Those people waiting in line ahead of you are most likely selling their unit on EBay. Why? Because they can make a ton of money, and this is a buggy first release.

Buggy? Did I say buggy? Let’s end this on this note: there is word floating around that Sony’s supposed “backwards-compatible” PS3 is unable to play over 200 different PS2 and PS1 titles. “Oops”?

The Motley Fool is predicting it will be 2008 until we see PS3s around for the buying. I’m not that pessimistic. Give it six months or so, maybe even less. Sony is short on Blu-Ray diodes, sure, but they also know they’re staking their entire reputation on a highly-priced system that is entering the arena rather late.

Who cares, though? You’re still not getting a PS3 for Christmas. Unless you mug somebody. Shh. We’ll talk later, I need someone to drive the getaway car.

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