NBA 2K8 vs. NBA Live ’08

This isn’t even a contest, in my opinion.

Let’s get this out of the way first: both games look great. Both games go up to 1080p (which is way overrated but whatever). Then again, if you’re looking for the best-looking game for the PS3 (did you think I was talking about the XBotch?), go for SCEA’s NBA ’08. Of course, NBA ’08 is nothing but a dunkfest, and the gameplay is horrible, so scratch it off your list immediately.

There’s only one pertinent question here, and that is, do you want a basketball game that plays like an arcade game, or do you want a basketball game that plays more true to the game, like a simulation?

If you want arcade-style play (dunks and whatnot), go with EA’s NBA Live ’08. If you want a simulation-style game, go with NBA 2K8.

Frankly, in my opinion, there’s no contest. NBA 2K8 is a clear winner. Of course, everything in NBA Live ’08 is in 60 FPS, while NBA 2K8 will sometimes drop lower — never in gameplay, but in instant-replay sometimes, things like that. Gameplay is a smooth 60 FPS the whole way.

I originally bought NBA Live ’08, spent about three hours playing it, and immediatley took it to Gamestop, traded it in, and got myself NBA 2K8 and have been playing that happily ever since.

Go NBA 2K8. So sayeth the Kip.

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